About the Malta Trust Foundation

The Malta Trust Foundation was set up to encourage vulnerable young people improve their lives through educations and training. Specific focus will be given to vulnerable young people in case or out of home care.

President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca expressed satisfaction that the Trust would be taking concrete action to help young people change their lives, no matter their life circumstances. The President’s Trust will facilitate the assistance needed to motivate young people who were not in education, training or employed, to ensure they got out of poverty and the risk of social exclusion.

In relation to this, the President has held various discussions with the Prince’s Trust in the United Kingdom. The Prince’s Trust was originally founded in 1976 by Prince Charles, after he completed his duty in the Royal Navy and has become the UK’s leading youth charity, offering a range of opportunities to less fortunate young people. The trust itself offers several personal development and training through different programmes which empower marginalised and disengaged young people which are passing through a range of issues and barriers in their lives.

Chief Executive Officer of The Prince’s Trust International, Alastair Da Cost, came to Malta to attend the launch of The President’s Trust, where he described the co-operation taking place between the President’s Trust and The Prince’s Trust.

Mr Winston Zahra Snr is currently the Chief Executive Officer of The President’s Trust, together with the other Trustees namely Michael Bianchi, Alfred Pisani, Carmel Briffa, Josianne Cutajar, Alfred Fabri, Peter Mayo and Audrey Vella Buttigieg while Elaine Schembri is Secretary to the Trustee Board.