Villabianca provides tailor-made music sessions within a specialised environment. Each applicant attends introductory sessions that help identify the most appropriate musical pathway, whether through individual or group sessions. Each pathway is documented and regularly evaluated to ensure the best outcome for each individual journey through music. This may include adapted music tuition and/or music therapy in individual or group settings.

Music is a powerful tool that can facilitate physical and emotional wellbeing, and promote the retention and development of key communication skills. Our sessions offer a wide range of instruments, including the voice, where music is created and often improvised with each individual. Over time, the students develop their own ways of being musical, and through interaction with the practitioner, start to explore their potential, connecting in healthier ways with the world around them.

Adapted music lessons may work as an alternative to the more traditional music education programs available on the island. The Villabianca team are trained to adapt lesson plans to meet the specific needs of each individual student and work within their ability level to help them reach their full potential.

Villabianca is in partnership with the Mikiel Anton Vassallo College and Arts Council Malta.