Ethos of the Foundation

The Malta Trust Foundation (TMTF) has a specific purpose to develop initiatives that support young people and communities that are facing particular challenges and who are at risk of poverty or social exclusion. 

 The Foundation (TMTF) brings together academics, psychosocial professionals, the business community and civil society organisations with the aim of delivering a tangible impact in gaps within existing services. The Foundation stresses on the importance of not duplicating current services and support, which are already being offered by other entities.  The Foundation seeks to support vulnerable communities through initiatives that are both educational and empowering in aiding individuals reach their full potential, with an emphasis on projects of a psychosocial nature. 

All initiatives are well-defined projects emerging from priorities in the social field, that are well researched, planned and costed to ensure an efficient and effective service that is sustainable over the years.  The Foundation seeks the assistance of major audit companies to market research and analyse the cost of every initiative.

 Through its operations, the Foundation also educates and raises awareness on social matters to create a national conversation, with the aim of attracting the attention for the necessary national action, as the case might be. 

 Projects developed by The Malta Trust Foundation are consolidated into agreements with experts in the field, from planning stages in order to implement and sustain effective and successful initiatives. In terms of engaging with entities and organizations that are experts in the respective field, together with the reassurance of a proven record of good practice, projects are based on a collaboration that is well-defined, evaluated and targeted to make a tangible and positive impact where lacunae are identified. With a current 12 projects and counting, TMTF prides itself in creating and nurturing a national and international social platform, delivering its objectives through social projects in collaboration with local and international partners.