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The Malta Trust Foundation’s E cubed project aims to empower, encourage and educate young children with different abilities in conjunction with the Readathon initiative, whereby school children are encouraged to read, while raising money to help fellow children with diverse abilities.

 In 2017 The Malta Trust Foundation teamed up with the Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility, the Education Department and the NGO Advice to establish the individual needs of visually impaired students and to determine what technological devices would help them access the national curriculum. With the collaboration of The National Literacy Agency, a parallel initiative, The National Readathon, which is now a recurrent event on the Foundation’s calendar, enabled participating primary school students to raise money for their peers who are struggling to keep up because of visibility issues. Through this campaign 1,000 students raised €8,000 which went to co-sponsor tailor-made devices for 80 visually impaired students. Totalling a cost of €150,000, this donation of devices would not have been possible without the generosity and corporate social commitment of several local businesses.

 The second and third editions of the National Readathon, also part of the E3 (E cubed) project, focused on young children who are on the autism spectrum and non-verbal. These young beneficiaries who are on the autism spectrum and non-verbal, were identified and assessed by the Education Department and the team of professionals from ACTU within Agenzija Sapport. The personalised customisation and training required for each user was carried out by dedicated professionals within the Access to Communication and Technology Unit (ACTU).  In view of the Covid pandemic and the premature closure of schools, whereby the Readathon initiative was cut short, this investment was made possible through a collaboration with various local businesses and CSR initiatives, led and facilitated by The Malta Trust Foundation. Marking World Literacy Day, on 8th September 2020, thirty children who are non- verbal and on the autism spectrum benefited from augmentative assistive devices to support their learning and facilitate their lives, after The Malta Trust Foundation’s E-cubed project raised €84,283.

The Malta Trust Foundation leads these projects in collaboration with the Education Department, the Foundation for Inclusive Technology Accessibility, Agenzija Sapport, the Department of Speech and Language Pathologists, the Association for Speech Therapists, the Autism Parents Association Malta and the National Literacy Agency.

 Aims and Objectives

Through these initiatives and the relevant collaboration with all stakeholders The Malta Trust Foundation seeks to offer tangible continued support to the first cohort of blind and visually impaired children by providing the necessary upgrades in equipment.

Looking forward, The Malta Trust Foundation, relying mainly on the private sector’s contribution, will be striving to secure further support to facilitate and assist more children with complex needs, especially those coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The overarching aims of these two initiatives are to promote and nurture education and literacy for all and instil a love for reading through tangible outcomes that foster the values of solidarity and social justice. 

Making a Donation Towards The Malta Trust Foundation
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