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Making higher education accessible to all is the aim of Enhance, an initiative offering different scholarship opportunities to young people coming from a disadvantaged background. The Malta Trust Foundation believes in inclusive education as a prerequisite for an inclusive society and this initiative seeks to break the cycle of poverty and inequity by supporting and empowering young people to reach their full potential. This project is also designed to support non-profit organisations develop through capacity building, with the aim of strengthening the non-profit’s ability to fulfil their mission in supporting social initiatives on a national level. Eligible individuals from NGO’s responding to an expression of interest are subsequently contractually bound to ensure a minimum number of years of service are delivered within the entity concerned, on completion of their studies.

Aims and Objectives

 The vision of The Malta Trust Foundation is to establish long-term commitments and collaborations with certified academic entities, in order to sustain and support the development and growth of disadvantaged individuals and all relevant NGOs, that are supporting the wellbeing of the Maltese community at large.

Making a Donation Towards The Malta Trust Foundation
For further information about The Malta Trust Foundation as well as our bank account details, kindly email us on info@maltatrustfoundation.org or call us on 2148 4662